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As a mycologist, my academic, human and work training has focused on research, environmental education and scientific dissemination around the Fungi Kingdom, promoting its study through seasonal cadastres and baselines in various Chilean ecosystems. I founded the NGO Micófilos and work in Lemu Rehue, where I am committed to know and promote the study of fungi, promoting teamwork in a collaborative environment.



University of Concepcion


University of Concepcion


University of Concepcion

Master in Forest Sciences

Comparison of chemical-nutritional parameters of the most consumed Cyttaria species in Chile. Master's thesis in Forestry Sciences approved by outstanding concept in the Faculty of Forestry Sciences.

Biologist in Biodiversity and Biological Conservation

Productivity of the native fungus Cortinarius austroturmalis present in evergreen and deciduous Nothofagus forests of the National Reserves Altos de Lircay and Los Ruiles of the VII Region, Chile. Thesis for the degree of Biologist approved with maximum distinction in the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Teacher in Natural Sciences and Biology

Fundamental concepts of microbiology for its teaching in Secondary Education. Thesis for the degree of Teacher of Natural Sciences and Biology approved by the Faculty of Education.


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