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Mycology Club for Children

Educate with the heart, weaving networks...

In life it is very important to learn to connect with nature and know the world around us to feel the need to protect it. Many times we believe that we are owners of this earth, but the truth is that no one owns anything, we are all important and learning to take care of what we do not see makes us find the best version of ourselves.

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The history

This project was born with much love in 2016 while working as a Science Advisor at the Pablo Neruda School in Curanilahue and as a need to teach about the Fungi Kingdom to girls and boys from 6 to 11 years old, considering that the organisms of this kingdom are not included in much of the school curriculum, a reality that is changing day by day.

Since then, at first together with the NGO Micófilos and then together with Lemu Rehue, the universe was aligned to carry out this beautiful fungal dream.

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